Maria Pitney, MSc (Bus), MBA (Fin), FFA, FFTA, ACCA, brings a comprehensive background in accounting combined with strong financial, analytical and organisational skills. In addition, she believes in delivering a consistently high level of service to her clients.

Her professional background includes senior roles within a variety of organisations covering a diverse range of industries.

Within DMP, Maria and her team particularly focus their experience and expertise on start-ups, sole traders and SME’s. She takes enormous pleasure in watching a business take root and flourish. She sees her role as not only undertaking all the tasks you’d expect from an accountant, but also passing on knowledge gained through her own considerable business experience and always making sure no client question goes unanswered.

Maria believes her most valuable asset is her relationship with the clients and the integral role she and her very efficient team play in each of their businesses. She’s a natural born manager and those clients who present paperwork in bulging, elastic-banded shoe boxes or overstretched envelopes are eased gently into the ways of organisation and monthly accounts.

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