Month: March 2015

HMRC sets sights on solicitors

HMRC has launched a new campaign urging solicitors to come forward and bring their tax affairs up to date. The Revenue claims tax crackdowns focused on the likes of doctors, dentists and lawyers among others have raised almost £1bn so far since being initiated in 2011. Solicitors who are self-employed or work within a partnership … Continued

Merchant Acquirer data matchin

Background Legislation issued in 2013 has provided HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with new powers to request data from Merchant Acquirers. Merchant Acquirers are financial institutions that process all credit and debit card transactions on behalf of UK businesses. There are 8 major Merchant Acquirer businesses operating in the UK. HMRC has now received the … Continued

SMEs avoiding the books

A report by Intuit QuickBooks has found that only 23% of SMEs surveyed enjoyed the financial management aspect of business with nearly half putting off doing their books while wasting between 30 minutes and six hours a week dealing with spreadsheet issues. Source: Sunday Express (03/08/2014)